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REVIEW Dark Touch (2013, movie)

dark_touch_2    Director and Writer: Marina de Van

11 year old Neve is the lone survivor of a bloody supernatural attack at her home, killing both her parents and baby brother. Nat and Lucas, friends of her parents, agree to take her in temporally, until she recovers from the trauma. But there’s something wrong with Neve, and strange things start to threaten the life of her new guardians.


Dark Touch is a indie horror drama about the horrid effects of child abuse. Marina de Van  doesn’t rely on cheap scares, and chooses to evolve the viewer in a eery and uncomfortable atmosphere. The plot gets derivative from movies like “Carrie”, “Village of the Damned”, “Firestarter” or “Children of the Corn”, but maintaining a fresh touch. Sometimes it seems very unbalanced, with some over the top deaths,  weak performances and a bumpy script. On the other hand its very stylish, with a great cinematography and a strong protagonist.

Dark Touch won’t terrify anyone, but it will put you unease, there is some very mature content in this tale of misuse power. Though not a perfect movie in anyway, it can be impressive on several different levels.


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