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REVIEW “Kill List” (2011, movie)

kill list    Director: Ben Wheatley    Writers: Amy Jump,  Ben Wheatley

Kill list tells the story of Jay, a hitman, who gets a new assignment to terminate three targets. What starts as an easy mission, turns out to be one hellish ride, where things get stranger, and stranger.


This is an independent horror drama, directed by the promising Ben Wheatley, with great production values, outstanding lead performances, and a fantastic score and cinematography.
The plots mutates as it moves along, getting darker as the characters discover that bigger things are set in plan. It starts off slow, and then comes out pretty heavy. The atmosphere gets gritty, dark, oppressive, disorientating… Extremely violent and brutal at times.

The film is not for everyone, it has some surreal and bizarre scenes, and the final act it’s left open for your interpretation.

Kill List it’s a clever, shocking movie, an absolute horror gem, one the greatest horror suprises of 2011.


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  1. This movie’s pretty messed-up and shows what can happen when you just throw a curveball at the audience, without seeming like it’s manipulative in any way. Good review.


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