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REVIEW Ring (1991, book)

ring cover   Author: Koji Suzuki

Asakawa, a journalist, follows the mysterious deaths of four teenagers who died simultaneously. His investigation leads him to a mountain resort where all of them stayed one week prior to their deaths. Asakawa books a night at the same cabin the teenagers shared, and discover a mysterious tape, whom he believes may contain some proves. He watches the tape, and after some creepy and cryptic images it ends with a warning: “You, who watched this tape, are going to die in one week from now. There’s only one way to survive. And that is…” And the tape cuts to static, leaving him distressed and terrified, believing that he will have to solve the riddle of the tape to save his own life.

Even if you watched the Ring films and haven’t yet read Suzuki’s original novel, this book it’s highly recommend. The stories are relatively similar, but with some few changes. In the novel the lead character is male and has one daughter, the cursed tape gets a more scientific explanation as all the secrecy surrounding it, and Sadako, the cause of all mayhem, and a gruesome monster in the movie versions, it’s a beautiful and irresistible girl with some sexual reproduction particularities.

The book subtlety is one of its strong points. On the downside, the way they unveiled some of the secrets seemed way to easy.
Ring is a great alternative in the genre of horror, spawning more three books, ten movies, tv series, mangas and a video-game, immortalizing the creepy victim and villian Sadako Yamamura.

This a terrific well written book, with a gripping pacing, and lots of suspense and tension right from the first chapter, ending with an alarming apocalyptic note. A must read for all science-fiction and horror fans.


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