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What was the first horror film?

The horror genre has been frightening audiences in theaters for almost 118 years. The responsible? George Méliès and his short film “Le Manoir du Diable” also known as “The Devil’s Castle” or “The Haunted Castle”. 


La Manoir du Diable was released on Christmas Eve, 1896, at the Theatre Robert Houdin, 8 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris.

Méilès’s film is only 3 minutes long, contains many traditional pantomime elements and was intentionally made in order to amuse the audience, rather than frighten them. Nevertheless, it is considered the first horror in film history due to the apperance of familiar elements of later horror films: a flying bat, a medieval castle, a cauldron, a evil figure (Mephistopheles), and skeletons, ghosts, witches – also a crucifix casting away the evil figure.Well, we don’t want to be a spoiler, please take a look for yourself and enjoy!

watch it here

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