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Top 5 Creepy Film/TV Characters

5. Count Orlok (Nosferatu, 1922)


Vampire, based on Count Dracula, portrayed by Max Schreck in the classic silent movie Nosferatu. One of the first horror villains, and one of the creepiest.

 4. The Gentlemen (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 1997–2003)

the gentleman

The Gentlemen are a group of demons that roam from town to town, seeking out seven human hearts they require to stay alive. Their first appearance was in the tenth episode in the fourth season of the show. They do not walk, they glide in the air, always smiling with a scalpel at hand.

3. Mystery Man (Lost Highway, 1997)

mistery man

One of the many puzzle pieces of David Lynch excellent movie, Lost Highway. Mystery Man materializes the main character fears and fantasies, just like work of the devil…

2. Reverend Henry Kane (Poltergeist II, 1986)

reverand henry kane

Reverend Henry Kane was the insane leader of a cult of the 19th century. He sealed himself and his followers inside a cave to die. He is also known as “The Beast”.

1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown (It, 1990)


Pennywise the Dancing Clown is every child worst nightmare. A inter-dimensional entity that lures children so he kill them. Based on Stephen King’s novel, “It” is absolutely deadly and terrifying.

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