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REVIEW Sightseers (2012, movie)

sightseers1    Director: Ben Wheatley    Writers:  Alice Lowe, Steve Oram

Tina, still traumatized by her dog’s accidental death, lives a sheltered life with her controlling mother. Chris, her new boyfriend, invites her to a week trip around the countryside. Knowing anything about the outside world, Tina gladly accepts the invitation. However this casual journey take unusual turns… and things go bloody wrong.


This is not a horror movie, Ben Weatley (Kill List), present us with an original black British comedy on the same note as “The League of Gentlemen”, but with a humour far more subtle. Without giving the story away, be warned, the plot gets truly morbid and violent. A film like Sightseers won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, with a couple of unsympathetic characters, off-the-wall dialogues and awkward scenes. But those of you wanting something original and fresh, this movie is for you.

Sightseers it’s a feast for the eyes, beautifully shot in the English countryside. The story itself is very minimalist, leaving space to explore the characters and their motivations. The couple behaviour reminded us of a modern version of  “Bonnie and Clyde”, on steroids… and with some acids on the the mix.

Overall, this is a great and “light” fun movie. I believe the less you know about the plot, the better the experience gets. A truly sick, violent, and unexpected surprise.


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