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Review Dead Set (2008, tv mini-series)

dead set   Creator: Charlie Brooker

A zombie outbreak occurs during a fictional series of the Big Brother. The housemates are completely unaware of the slaughter taking place on the exterior, that is, until some of the outside survivors seek refugee inside the house.

This is a British comedy horror, and a surprisingly good one. The editing is fast, the atmosphere is claustrophobic and chaotic, and the zombies are as ravenous as powerful. In tradition of movies like “28 Days Later”, this creatures are quick and deadly.

dead set pic

This 5 episodes series are a clever satire of the reality tv shows. Who are the undead? Those empty and futile contestants, or the viewers who feed the audiences?

Dead Set is one of the greatest of this genre. I’ts tense and gory, and with a strong social commentary in the vein of George Romeros best movies. Top notch zombie horror!



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