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Jisatsu Sâkuru/ Suicide Club (2001, movie)

 suicide_club     Director: Shion Sono    Writer: Shion Sono

Detective Toshiharu Kuroda tries to uncover what’s behind a string of unexplainable suicides across Tokyo. 
At every death scene a bloody white bag appears. How can all of this be linked? And what’s the connection with the psychopath “Genesis”? Or the girl band “Mail Me”?


This movie has a strong social commentary on the state of Japanese society today. The suicide rate in Japan is one of the highest in the world. In their culture, it’s at the same time a taboo and in some situations a honourable thing. This movie may require some knowledge of the Japanese culture to understand the director point of view. This is a story about education, and how children feel failed by their parents, their educators, the adults. A connection was lost, between each other and within themselves.


This movie is mesmerising, dense in meaning and deeply depressing. From the brutal opening scene you will understand that this is an unique film, violent, gory but also sad and sometimes funny. It’s beautifully shot and full of fantastic visual compositions. There a few musical scenes through the movie, listen carefully to those lyrics because they are not devoid of meaning.

Suicide Club is a good abstract low-budget film, not your typical western flick, but a fresh and bizarre experience.

“Are you connected to yourself?”


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