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REVIEW Son of Rosemary: The Sequel to Rosemary’s Baby (1997, book)

 Son-of-Rosemary-Ira-Levin-Paperback14-lge  Author: Iran Levin

“She lay back, shut her eyes, shook her head. Impossible! Impossible! The coven had won! Andy was fully grown, a stranger raised by them, in their ways, for their purposes!” 

Rosemary wakes up from a thirty year coma, just before the dawn of the new millennium, to find her son, Andy, has grown up to be a kind of Christ figure. A worldwide known celebrity spreading his message of peace and harmony. But Rosemary know his true heritage and will do everything in her way to discovers the real motive behind his altruistic doings.

Rosemary’s Baby was a fantastic and groundbreaking horror novel. Through the pages of the book the reader was left wondering if Rosemary’s neighbours were truly a coven or if she was delusional. The tension was there from the first to the last chapter. However, this sequel managed to hit all the wong notes. Ira Levin did an amazing job with the first book, but left me disappointed with this one.

The writing seems very rushed at times and most of the characters are underdeveloped. The plot, well, it’s a mess, there is a reason why this novel never was adapted to a movie. Without spoiling anything the ending negates everything written in both books.

Son of Rosemary is not as good as the original. The ending, while it had potential, seemed weak and forced. A clearly missed opportunity.



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