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REVIEW In the Flesh (2013, tv mini-series)

InTheFleshCartaz    Creator: Dominic Mitchell

After the “Rising”, the government finds a cure for the “Partially Deceased”and starts to rehabilitate them back into society. However most people aren’t to happy about the idea of coexisting with them, primarily those who spent years fighting and protecting their families from the “Rotters”.


Lets be honest, the zombie genre has been a bit overworked lately, with new books every day, movies, tv series… So it’s absolutely refreshing seeing a different take on a well-worn concept.

The plot is simply sublime, brilliantly written and acted. Everything feels real about this series. The show works as a metaphor for harassment and discrimination.
Fans of gore may feel a bit disappointed. This is not the conventional zombie flick, it’s a family drama, and a great one.

In The Flesh

In the Flesh suffer from one flaw, it’s to short. This three part miniseries ends to quickly, but it’s well worth it. BCC completely reworked the genre and created a fantastic and refreshing domestic drama. Let’s hope there’s a second season!


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