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Uzumaki/Spiral (2000, movie)

uzumaki poster     Director: Higuchinsky    Writer: Junji Ito (manga), Kengo Kaji

Kurozou, a small Japanese town, is gradually taken by the mysterious, and unexpected… SPIRAL SHAPE. The unknown force behind this shape slowly begins to imprint itself in the daily lives of the town, causing obsession and eventual death.

Welcome to the most twisted, bizarre and unconventional trip, that’s how we can define the tale of Uzumaki. Based on the fantastic manga by Junji Ito, the madness of those pages are brilliantly translated to the big screen.


While this is a low budget film, the cinematography is really impressive, tinted throughout in a disturbing green colour, some of the images in this film are simply stunning. On the downside, the acting feels a little amateurish, for most of the cast this was their first role, although the leading characters are wonderfully played. Other criticism, is that the film it’s not scary at all, the manga was truly frightening and disorienting, this adaptation falls in the category of chilling and funny. The original atmosphere of tension and dread was lost in the way.


All that said, Uzumaki it’s still a great adaptation and a joy for the eyes. The movie only covers 40% of the novel, what may leave some viewers confused with the plot. Here the atmosphere is the most important thing, rather than stories or explanations. Fans of the novel may feel a little disappointed, but newcomers will love the ride in this shocking and psychedelic rollercoaster.


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