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Once upon a nightmare I

Classic fairytales are perhaps too scary for modern children.  In fact, i think those kids from the 1800’s were tough cookies… Well, at least there was always a happy ending or a good lesson after a story filled with murder, canibalism… and revenge!

The Juniper Tree
by the brothers Grimm


Once upon a time, a man had a wife and two children. His wife dies and, of course, he remarries. But, oh surprise!, the stepmother hates the little boy, so she chops off his head with a lid of a trunk and blames it on the little boy’s sister .

If that wasn’t enough, the evil stepmother makes a soup with the dead child and feeds it to the father. The bones were buried under a juniper tree, in the place where a bird shows up singing a beautiful song, which was so mesmerizing that the father and stepmother came outside, the bird – the reincarnated boy – ceases the opportunity and kills her by airdropping a millstone.

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