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Review Black Mirror (2011, tv mini-series)

blackmirrorcover    Creator: Charlie Brooker

Black Mirror is a dark science fiction anthology show from the creator of Dead Set.
Each story is unique, with different characters, and different point of views. The link between the 3 stories is technology, and examines our relationship with it.

Black Mirror Benjy

The National AnthemA princess is kidnapped, and the ransom is posted anonymously on the internet. Unless the prime minister have sexual intercourse with a pig in a live broadcast, she will die.


15 Million MeritsIn a distant future, in a entirely commercial world, people are enslaved by technology.Games provide fake money to be spend on false objects. The only way to escape this dull life is by winning a talent show.


The Entire History of You In this family drama, people can re-watch their memories and show it to others through a device. The story focus on the obsession of a man, who uses the memory-viewer, to find out if his girlfriend cheated on him.

Overall, this is a clever and well written show, an anthology in the vein of The Twilight Zone and an amazing satire on today’s society.
Do not miss this real dark and twisted vision of our world.


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