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Coffee Table Books

“Codex Seraphinianus” by Luigi Serafini


The “Codex Seraphinianus” was originally written and drawn in 1981 by the Italian architect Luigi Serafini.
This book is a surreal encyclopedia about an impossible world in a parallel universe, written entirely in an indecipherable script. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations, done by hand, and words of this secret world. The artwork is divided into several sections with consistent themes: botany, zoology, anthropology, and so forth. The “Codex” share some similarities with the “Necronomicon”, written by the insane character Abdul Alhazred, which may please some Lovecraft fans. Although, unlike the “Necronomicon” this book is very real.
This is an artistic masterpiece! A mysterious window into a new world. This is art, mystery and an escape into the magnetic madness created by Luigi Serafini.


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