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REVIEW Dead Man’s Shoes (2003, movie)

dead-man-s-shoes-poster-1   Director: Shane Meadows   Writer:  Paddy Considine

“God will forgive them… let them into Heaven… I can’t live with that.”

Richard (Paddy Considine) a paratrooper, returns to his old hometown in Derbyshire seeking revenge against a group of drug dealers who brutalized his younger brother while he was away. One by one, Richard targets each of his brother’s bullies and quickly descends into a never-ending spiral of violence and insanity.


This is not your typical revenge flick. This is one of those films that defy your expectations and end up being much deeper than you could ever imagine. This is a dark, disturbing and raw drama about revenge. The story is beautifully written and packed with some great performances. Paddy Considine gives a stunning performance as the vengeful Richard. Not much is known or said about the character, but by the end of the movie you will understand his motives and his pain, and discover that the monster he portraits has a decent heart.


The film can get quite disturbing and violent at times, it’s a dark and gritty journey into a man’s personal madness, this isn’t for the feint of heart.
Dead Man’s Shoes is a terrific movie, subtle, violent with surprising twists and turns. It’s a shame this film doesn’t have the recognition it deserves.




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