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Voynich Manuscript – The Book that no one can decode


The manuscript first came to the attention of modern scholars in 1912 when Wilfrid Voynich discovered it (modern carbon analysis dated the artifact to the early 15th century).
The book is written in an unknown language, and it is filled with over 204 pages (28 are missing ) of illustrations of plants that cannot be identified, cosmological diagrams and recipes. This codex has become the focus of intense study ever since its discovery, and some of the world’s best cryptographers have been attempting to read it for decades.
Most scholars disagree about the true author of the book, some say it was written by the Franciscan fria Roger Bacon, others say the responsible was the astrologer, occultist and mathematician, John Dee. The real author remains a mystery.
This book has appeared in countless works of fiction, and the writer Colin Wilson, in his Lovecraft Mythos stories, explicitly relates it with the Necronomicon, implying that H.P. Lovecraft might have used the manuscript as the model for his fictional work.

The Voynich Manuscript remains one of the most ancient and enigmatic codex in the world, the book that no one can read or understand.

Free digital version of the Voynich Manuscript, provided by  the Yale Library.


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