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REVIEW “Save the Green Planet!” (2003, movie)

Save the green planet   Director: Joon-Hwan Jang   Writer:  Joon-Hwan Jang

Byeong-gu believes that a powerful industrialist is an alien from the planet “Andromeda”, with designs on taking over the Earth. So he sets out to kidnap and torture him, until he confesses his alien identity and his invasion plans.


This is a unique piece of cinema and one of those movies that defies classification. This film is funny, scary, gruesome, sickening, violent and heartwarming.
Our main character Byung Goo is not our typical hero, but instead an anti-hero. In his heart he believes to be doing the right thing, but the viewer will have a difficult time going trough his torture schemes. The odd thing is we do sympathize with him, he is fragile and has serious mental issues. His sidekick is his girlfriend, a chubby, mentally unstable and lovely girl, the perfect match for him.


This is a difficult movie to watch at times, and definitely not for the squeemish. There are some truly horrifying moments, that is, until we realise the truth behind the protagonist motives.
Despite the small budget, this is a beautifully-shot film with a very stylish editing. The director did an amazing job, if fallen in the wrong hands this movie would end a up a real mess, because the tone swings rapidly from one to another.

“Save the Green Planet!” is a truly unique and mind-warping dark comedy, packed with some bizarre and unexpected twists that defies all expectations . Stick with the film through the ending credits, and you will have a great, sad surprise. Highly recommended.


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