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REVIEW “Don’t Look Now” (1973, movie)

936full-dont-look-now-poster    Director:  Nicolas Roeg    Writer: Allan Scott

Following the tragic drowning of their daughter, Laura and John Baxter travels to Venice. There they find two creepy elderly sisters, one of whom is a psychic with a chilling message of a great danger lurking in the city and threatening the couple lives. At the same time a serial killer is on the loose, filling the city canals with dead bodies.


This story is told trough a series of flashbacks and dream like sequences, actually, we are in the presence of a puzzling nightmare, full of symbolism that foreshadows the tragic fate of its characters.
Be warned: this isn’t a movie for everyone, we won’t get any cheap scares from this, but instead a slow building atmosphere of dread that will stay with you after the credits. This is basically a drama with elements of the traditional horror genre, with a subtleness so rare in movies these days.
This film is visually stunning, with gorgeous views of Venice and a perfect tonal mood-lighting. The editing is also great, who can forget the infamous erotic love scene, so beautiful and at the same time so sad.

From the astonishing dream like sequence of the couple’s daughter drowning to the truly shocking ending, this is a chilling and masterfully crafted movie. A true classic about the love and losses we all experience.


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