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So Bad, They’re Good

Weekly post about movies that are so terrible and yet so fascinating!

Robot Monster (1953)


The humankind was eradicated with the exception of 8 humans. The responsible? Ro-man, the Robot Monster, with his deadly “Calcinator Death Ray”!
Ro-man must be one of the most laughable creature ever. A man in an old gorilla suit, wearing an old-fashioned diving helmet with the visor blacked out and a TV antenna sticking out of the top of his head.
The movie follows Ro-Man as he tries to kill the remain survivors. At one point he releases prehistoric dinosaurs on earth to complete his mission, yes, dinosaurs. The plot is that ridiculous, filled with completely improbable situations, terrible acting, unbelievably awful special effects, poor production values and a cheap twist ending that almost justifies all this nonsense. However, the movie made a small fortune relative to its small budget.
Robot Monster is just plain bad and also completely unmissable.

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