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The Many Copycats of The Exorcist in the 70’s


In the 70’s, rip-off imitation movies were nothing new. So, when the Exorcist became a commercial hit, the copycats started to spawn all over the world. Here’s a quick look at a few of its many imitators.

Beyond the Door (1974)

This Italian horror film was so close to The Exorcist that Warner Brothers sued for copyright infringemen.

Abby (1974)

Following the 70’s “blaxpoitation” movement (films originally made specifically for an urban black audience) this is the “black” version of the Exorcist.
SPOILERS ALERT: The climactic exorcism takes place on the dance floor of a discotheque.

Seytan (1974) Shot-for-shot comparison

Turkish rip-offs were very popular. The filmmakers would replicate scenes shot-for-shot, sometimes stealing music and special effects right out of the originals. You can compare the original and the unofficial remake above.

The House of Exorcism (1975)

This movie is a total re-edit of Mario Bava’s superior “Lisa and the Devil” (1973) for US release in 1975. This new version incorporated new footage making the movie into an Exorcist knockoff. A failed attempt to try to capitalize on the success of The Exorcist.

Best line: Possessed Woman – “Don’t break my balls priest!”

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