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Stephen Gammell Illustrations for “Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark”


Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark was published in 1981, it was the first of a series of three horror children’s book, written by Alvin Schwartz and beautifully illustrated by Stephen Gammell. One of the strong points of this collection were the chilling and gruesome illustrations, which created some controversy over the most uptight parents.
To celebrate the books’ 30th anniversary in 2011, Scholastic re-released the “new and improved” version. Well, the book wasn’t improved at all, but censored. The Stephen Gammell’s illustrations were replaced by a watered down version from the hands of the celebrated artist Brett Helquist. Brett Helquist is extremely talented and respected, but he is no Stephen Gammell.

Stephen Gammell vs Brett Helquist

Stephen Gammell

001 gamel

Brett Helquist


Stephen Gammell


Brett Helquist


Stephen Gammell


Brett Helquist


More Stephen Gammell’s Illustrations for the book






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