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True facts behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose


The film was inspired by the exorcism case of Anneliese Michel, a 16-year-old German girl who, in 1968, began displaying symptoms of demonic possession. For years, she suffered from classic symptoms of epilepsy, and schizophrenia. She admitted that while praying she often heard a voice saying that she had been condemned.
After a verification of demonic possession in September 1975, the Bishop of Wurzburg, Josef Stangl, assigned Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt with the order to perform an exorcism on Anneliese Michel. During that time, Anneliese barely ate, and she died of starvation and dehydration in July 1976. Her parents and the priests were sentenced to six months in jail.

Anneliese Michel          Anneliese Michel

“I know that we did the right thing because I saw the sign of Christ in her hands. She was bearing stigmata and that was a sign from God that we should exorcise the demons. She died to save other lost souls, to atone for their sins.” – Anna Michel (Anneliese’s mother, 2005).

Anneliese Michel’s exorcism audio tape

The Exorcism of Emily Rose trailer

Requiem trailer : movie based on Anneliese Michel’s life

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