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So Bad, They’re Good

Weekly post about movies that are so terrible and yet so fascinating!

Frankenstein Island (1981)


“I’m Sheila Frankenstein… Actually, it’s Van Helsing, I prefer my married name.”

Jerry Warren made some awfully boring movies (Face of the Screaming Werewolf, Attack of the Mayan Mummy, The Wild World of Batwoman), and this one is probably his worst one, as well as the worst Frankenstein movie ever!


Nothing in it makes any sense at all, and it plays like an Ed Wood movie! Stranded balloonists discover themselves on an island with mind-controlled zombie guards, vampires created via a magical plastic pitchfork, hybrid-alien cave girls in spandex leopard prints, giant vegetables… Well, the list is long and completely absurd.
Hysterically funny, this is an extraordinarily bad movie!

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