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Amazing Paper Animals by Patty Grazini : “New York Criminals 1880-1915”

This group of amazing paper animals, crafted by Patty Grazini, is generated from the stories of real people who committed crimes, as reported in the New York Times between 1880-1915.

Lena Scuccimaro (1905) Arrested for baby trafficking.

Delia A. Ruggles (1888) Arrested for arson for burning her apartment to collect insurance money.

Mathila Hart (1888) Champion heart breaker and polygamist who married 11 times. She travels from town to town, meets a single man, and marries. Soon after, she tells her new husband that her mother was sick and needs $300. dollars to pay for expenses. She boards a train and moves to another town.

mary largo
Mary Largo (1902) Queen of the beggars society. Arrested for graft.

Olive Brown (1890) Spiritualist who claims she speak to Jesus. She reports that Jesus needs money to build a lumber yard in heaven, and in this way obtained nearly $3000. from an elderly man.

ada turise
Ada Turise (1884) 16 years of age. Arrested for opium smoking.

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