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Skull Optical Illusions

During the late 19th and the early 20th century emerged a fascination for skull optical illusions but we think it continues to appeal to the imagination to this day.

All is Vanity

Charles Allen Gilbert produced the famous All is Vanity illustration in 1892. The illustrator was 18 years old at the time. The painting remained unsold for many years until a decade later, when Gilbert finally sold the original to the LIFE Publishing Co, a tiny cartoon tabloid sold in railroad stations for a nickel. The Vanity’s first appearance in LIFE in 1902 was an instant success. All is Vanity was soon mass-produced in a larger size, and sold to an enthusiastic American public.


All is Vanity by Charles Allen Gibert

Postcards & Prints


Today And Tomorrow, 1908 by HM Rose


Unknown postcard


Unknown postcard


Tête de mort – unknown date


La Guerre. Nº 40 – Tête Macabre de Guillaume


S(K)UL(L)TUR, circa 1910


Unidentified postcard from 1905-1910


Unidentified postcard from 1909


Russian postcard, 1820.


La vie et la mort, circa 1908


La tête de mort!, 1910


Diee geheimnisvolle Badezelle, circa 1905-1910.


Blossom and Decay, circa 1870.


Au Revoir, circa 1905-1910.


L’amour de Pierrot, 1905.


And last but not least… The master Salvador Dali.

Ballerina In A Death's-Head, Salvador Dali, 1939

Ballerina In A Death’s-Head, Salvador Dali, 1939

In Voluptas Mors

In Voluptate Mors, Salvador Dalí & Philippe Halsman, 1951

To know more about In Voluptate Mors read here.


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