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Grotesque Skin Sculptures by Francesco Albano

Francesco Albano graduated from Fine Art University of Carrara in 2000 and won the National Prize of Arts – MIUR for sculpture in 2005.
Albano is “interested in and influenced by a wide range of subjects from philosophical, mystical and spiritual arguments to scientific theories, from psychological studies to real life stories. Albano uses skin and bone as a critical and personal tool of expression to focus on the effect of societal pressures and psychological violence on the human body and collective conscience. More than an inner envelope the artist defines the human skin as a limit and an identity, that interacts with outer world.”

albanosculpture on-the-eve-human-skin-sculptures-francesco-albano-6 albanosculpture10 albanosculpture15 albanosculpture8 albanosculpture5 albanosculpture19 on-the-eve-human-skin-sculptures-francesco-albano-9

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