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So Bad, They’re Good

Weekly post about movies that are so terrible and yet so fascinating!

Vampire Hookers (1978)


 “Vampire hookers… they’ll suck more than your blood”

A rather insane horror film staring John Carradine ,in one of his last starring roles, as an aged vampire who has a bevy of vampiric beauties who lure their customers back to his lair.
This gem, directed by Cirio H. Santiago, is filled with bad acting, the worst voice dubbing ever, guys who wear sailor outfits the entire time and a terrible long orgy scene that lasts for nearly 10 minutes in a loop of slow mo kisses. And don’t forget to stay tuned during the closing credits to here the song “Vampire Hookers (They Suck More Than Blood)”.
One of the campiest movies ever.

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