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FLASH REVIEW “La Planète Sauvage/ Fantastic Planet” (1973, movie)

fantastic_planet_poster_01    Director:  René Laloux    Writer:  Roland Topor

The last surviving humans are taken from Earth to the wild planet Ygam by the Traags, a race of blue-skinned, red-eyed giants. Here they become known as Oms (Homme in French = Man), used as pets and regarded as savages. But little by little, led by a young man of superior intelligence named Terr, the Oms regain their thirst for liberty and rise up against the Traags.

La Planète Sauvage_5

Directed by the French animator René Laloux, and produced by his usual collaborator the surreal artist Roland Topor, the duo created one of the most memorable and mind-blowing animated films ever made.
The animation may be rather primitive but the film looks amazing, every frame is a detailed work of art.


The exquisite story is backed up by extremely surrealistic, dark and oppressing scenarios. Most of what we see in this movie was design by Topor. The soundtrack is also superb, a fusion of jazz and rock reminiscent of the surreal movies of the great Alejandro Jodorowsky.

La Planète Sauvage_10

Fantastic Planet is thought provoking, insightful and intriguing. Based on the brilliant science fiction novel “Oms En Serie” by Stefan Wul, and successfully adapted to the big screen, this clever political satire is a timeless science fiction/fantasy classic.


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