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Katarzyna Konieczka’s Stunning/Bizarre Avant Garde Fashion

Katarzyna Konieczka is a fashion/costume/designer based out of London, UK who aims to create an impact on the viewer in amazingly bizarre and radical ways.

“I am a costume maker and avant garde fashion designer. My creations are mainly to be viewed on a stage or a catwalk. The main aim of my designs is to create an impact on the viewer and evoke feelings. The costumes are not for everyday use. Each costume has been created as a one off, the techniques used to create them have been developed by myself, by experimenting with textiles, fabric and paint .”

Katarzyna_Konieczka_Baroque_BeautifulBizarre Katarzyna_Konieczka_Photographer_Sylwia_Makris_BeautifulBizarre Katarzyna_Konieczka_Vogue_BeautifulBizarre Katarzyna-Konieczka3 Katarzyna-Konieczka4 Katarzyna-Konieczka7 Katarzyna-Konieczka11 Katarzyna-Konieczka12

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