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Kris Kuksi’s Post-Industrial Sculptures

Born in Springfield, Missouri (1973) and growing up in neighbouring Kansas, Kris Kuksi, creates incredible mixed media assemblages from found objects. He meticulously crafts incredible scenes and then paints the entire sculpture to tie it all together.

Viewers tend to get lost in Kuksi’s sculptures. There is so much going on, with the intricate detail, the present-day iconography; it’s overwhelming and amazing. You can find many more samples of his artwork on his website andFacebook page.

capricorn-rising neo-roman-opera-house-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-2 neo-roman-opera-house-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-3 neo-roman-opera-house-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-8 neo-roman-opera-house-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-11 neo-roman-opera-house-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-13 reign-of-caesar-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture the-evidence-of-tyranny-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture unveiled-obscurity-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-1 unveiled-obscurity-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-2 unveiled-obscurity-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-3 unveiled-obscurity-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-9 unveiled-obscurity-kris-kuksi-mixed-media-assemblage-sculpture-11


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