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REVIEW “Audition” (1999, movie)

    audition-poster     Director:  Takashi Miike

“Words create lies, pain can be trusted,”

After seven years widowed, Shigeharu Aoyama and his film producer friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, devises a plan to hold a fake audition for a leading lady to find him a new wife. But what starts has a an innocent game ends out to be a gruesome and sadistic nightmare.

Audition 6

Based on a novel by Ryu Murakami, director Takashi Miike’s “Audition” is an audacious and surprisingly horror movie. It starts all nicely and innocent, introducing Aoyama, a lonely silent man looking for love. His friend Yasuhisa decides to set up a fake casting audition in hopes that his friend can find new wife. Aoyama then goes through countless portfolio’s looking for women to audition, but as soon as he sees the beautiful Asami’s picture he knows that she is the one.


Asami is portrayed as an perfect humble woman, dressed in complete virginal white, an angelical being hiding a dark and heavy secret. Ultimately this is one of the movie’s strong qualities, when the tone changes drastically leaving the viewer disoriented, challenging our own perception of a film genre. The film second half is packed with grisly and horrifying twist and turns.


“Audition” builds the tension slowly, delivering a bone-chilling and unexpected climax. This is definitely a powerful film, a romantic drama with a horror twist, focusing in our inherent blinding need to be loved. A movie crafted very precisely with moments of evocative beauty as well as terror.
Executive producer Mario Kassar had begun work on an English language adaptation of Audition. Producers of the new project say they will base their film on the 1997 source novel by Japanese author Ryu Murakami.


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