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The return of Prince Lestat

You all remember Tom Cruise as Vampire Lestat, in the movie based on  Anne Rices’s novel Interview with the Vampire. Rice brings back to life  that very vampire and  whole  Vampire Chronicles with her new book Prince Lestat.

Interview with the vampire

The upcoming book, according to Anne, will be all about Lestat and the vampires and what they’re all doing now and how they’re coming to terms with what’s happened to them so far. It also tackles how Lestat is dealing with the demand for him to step forward to be some kind of leader of the vampire tribe. Rice also said that Prince Lestat feels like it’s the start of a new incarnation of The Vampire Chronicles.

Prince Lestat will be released on October 28, 2014

Don’t know the Vampire  Chronicles collection?  Take your pick….

the vampire chronicles

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