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Reimagining the Der Struwwelpeter


If you’ve had the pleasure of reading Struwwelpeter, you’d know if you play with matches you will burn to death and your cats will cry on your ashes, or if you don’t eat your soup you will waste away and die. That’s how Heinrich Hoffmann decided to teach their children through his collection of ten cautionary children’s tales. Artist Sanya Glisic, has created a new version of the 1844 book:

“When I came across Der Struwwelpeter, I had this immediate feeling that I wanted to illustrate it. I love the bizarre characters and the overall morbid, playful mood of the book. Der Struwwelpeter was originally written and published in German in 1844 by Heinrich Hoffmann, and contains ten cautionary tales of misbehaving children. Just really weird, gruesome, incredible stuff.”

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