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The Whimsical Forest World of Andy Kehoe


Inspired by folk tales, mythology, and the grandeur of nature, Andy Kehoe creates subtle, quiet visual narratives through which he explores such timeless themes as love, mortality, alienation, and betrayal. In his richly detailed paintings on wood panels, Kehoe conjures a strange forest world, washed in the deep colors of autumn and populated by somber yet comical part-human, part-animal hybrid creatures with mournful eyes and sloping shoulders. His cartoonish aesthetic and whimsical cast of creatures tempers the sad poignancy of his work.

AndyFiend A-Fading-Farewell 1400x720-3AJ4T2K08KbFmGCZ 1400x720-4jQDkn_OvwuOqAVy Lord-of-Ghouls Great-Heights-for-the-Young-Dreamer On-the-Banks-of-Broken-Worlds Under-the-Gaze-of-the-Glorious

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