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The Dark and Eerie Artwork of Seth Siro Anton


Seth Siro Anton is the vocalist & bassist for the Symphonic Death Metal band Septic Flesh. More than an excellent musician, he is also painter and photographer. As such, he’s behind the cover arts of many bands, including Nile, Ex Deo, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Kamelot,  Exodus…


“I have been influenced a lot by the Egyptian and Sumerian ancient paintings and sculptures. Other influences come from historic milestones in the art movement such as German expressionism, surrealism, futurism, post war expressionism”


“Artist that I admire and have influence me are: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Vladimir Tatlin, Kasimir Malevich, Constantin Brancusi, Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, H. R. Giger, J.P. Witkins, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, but the main Artist which was a great mentor and changed my artistic perspective of view was Francis Bacon….”

l_b8f6dc09fbad462ba1136708bb793302 l_2c9b20eb25c51fe20245b743be9a72b1 l_2b22c2bf4b02421c9f59d171a07528f5 037_frame_The-Orphan 034_frame_Expectation-Still-life-synthesis 030_frame_A-god-that-wants-to-die-III 028_frame_Medea 01_frame_a-god-that-wants-to-die

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