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The Morbid Calendars of the Antikamnia Company

Antikamnia calendar 1897 ebay

The Antikamnia company marketed an analgesic powder to pharmacists and druggists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries using these rather morbid calendars.

Antikamnia calendar 1897 english The Diagnosis

The calendars were distributed for free to doctors and medical practitioners, in the US and throughout the world. During those years it used the artwork of a St. Louis doctor named Louis Crusius, who had a rather profound knowledge of anatomy. Crusius used that knowldge, and his skills with a brush, to produce artwork in which human heads were replaced by detailed renderings of the human skull.

Antikamnia calendar 1899 english

Antikamnia calendar 1900 back cover french

Antikamnia calendar 1900 jan.feb francais

Antikamnia calendar 1900 july.aug francais

Antikamnia calendar 1900 march.april french

antikamnia calendar 1900 may.june french

Antikamnia calendar 1900 nov-dec french

Antikamnia calendar sep.oct 1900 francais

The Anitkamnia Calendar 1899

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