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The Mystical Surrealism of Remedios Varo


Remedios Varo, whose full name was María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga Varo y Uranga, is one of the world famous para-surrealist painters of the 20th Century. Varo was born on December 16, 1908 in Anglés, Spain “a town north of Barcelona”. In 1917, the family decided to move to Madrid. Here, encouraged by her father, Remedios Varo began studying in Madrid at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando at the age of fifteen. Here she worked alongside other great Spanish painters such as Salvador Dalí.


In 1963, the world of art lost an important talent with the death of Remedios. She died from a heart attack, which many people attribute to excessive tension. Despite the death of this great artist, her art is still enjoyed in Mexico and the United States.

unexpected-view Remedios_Varo_388484001 reborntp4 magic-flight-or-zamfonia hairy-locomotion Cat.134-Trasmundo-1955

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