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Weekend [Horror] Suggestions – “Les Revenants”


Les Revenants/ The Returned – Season 1 (TV Series, 2012)

In a small mountain town, many dead people reappear, apparently alive and normal: road accident victim teenager Camille; suicidal bridegroom Simon; “Victor”, a small boy who was murdered by burglars; and Serge, a serial killer. They try to resume their lives as strange phenomena occur: amongst recurring power outages, the water level of the reservoir mysteriously lowers, revealing the presence of dead animals and a church steeple, and strange marks appear on the bodies of the living and the dead.


This French series is based on Robin Campillo’s 2004 film of the same name. Do not mistake this brilliant series with the watered down American “version”, Resurrection, based on Jason Mott’s 2013 book, The Returned.
Les Revenants is an excellent and engrossing creepy drama, with great production values, amazing performances, slow suspense-building and a intriguing storyline. This is a fresh and brave take on the tired zombie genre. Everyone looking for blood or gore will be disappointed, this one’s far from it, this is a haunting and original piece of television.

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