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Seungyea Park’s Study of Fear


Korean artist Seungyea Park (also known as Spunky Zoe) creates detailed mixed-media works that combine drawing and painting.


“My works addresses the topic of ‘Monstrousness’ caused by fear in our inner world. Due to fear and horror being used as the most ‘universal’ and constant devices to maintain social systems as ‘injustice’, and consider them ‘enemies’. While regarding tabooed beings deviating from us as monsters. we ourselves become freaks. Monsters are everywhere. At the moment the ‘I’ within me faces the ‘I’ outside of me They try to avoid, conceal, and deny each other, considering the other a monster.” – Seungyea Park

Seungyea-Park-11 seungyea04 seungyea01 seungyea08 seungyea06 Seungyea-Park-6 Seungyea-Park-12

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