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Weekend [Horror] Suggestions – “Calvaire”


Calvaire/The Ordeal (Movie, 2004)

A singer’s car breaks down deep in the middle of the isolated backcountry, he’s forced to seek refuge in a rural inn. Marc is taken in by Bartel, a lonely and psychologically fragile innkeeper who promises to help. But when Marc catches him dismantling his car, he realizes that the innkeeper has other plans for him – sadistic plans that will push him to the bounds of human pain and suffering.


Calvaire is a deeply disturbing, chilling and unsettling piece of cinema. There’s a sense of dread from beginning to end, slowly building into a bizarre nightmare. This is not a movie for everyone, definitely not for the weak of stomach… but you won’t easily forget it. It will be stuck in your mind for a long, long time.
Highly recommended to all fans of surreal and sick cult cinema.

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