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Weekend [Horror] Suggestions – “The House at the End of Time”


The House at the End of Time/ La Casa del Fin de los Tiempos (2013)

Dulce is a mother who has encounters with apparitions in her old house, where it unleashes a terrible prophecy. Thirty years later, turned into an old woman, she returns home to unravel the mystery and tragedy that has tantalized her.


This is the first Venezuelan supernatural thriller and the first movie from director Alejandro Hidalgo. What initial looks like the usual haunted house movie turns out to be something far more original and complex. Without spoiling the plot, The House at the End of Time is a horror/suspense movie that relies on the twists and turns of a clever script rather than any kind of special effects. Every single scene of the movie runs like a mysterious puzzle piece, being placed slowly before revealing the truth behind the terrifying supernatural events taking place at the house.
Good editing, a flawless performance by the lead Ruddy Rodríguez and an absolutely creepy location, don’t miss this movie!

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