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Behind the Monster – Takako Fuji (Ju-on, The Grudge)

takako fuji

“I saw her in the theatre, and soon as she walked out on stage, i knew she would be perfect for my ghost.” – Takashi Shimizu (Creator of the Japanese Ju-on series and the American franchise).

Takako Fuji was born on July 27, 1972 in Japan. Her most famous role to this date is that of the terrifying ghost Kayako Saeki, the vengeful spirit who haunts the Tokyo home where she was murdered, cursing all who enter the home to meet a grisly fate.


She reprised the role seven distinct times, including int the two American remakes. Fuji later stated in interviews that she had grown a bit tired of the role and that sometimes it was hard for her to keep herself motivated. However, she admitted that she would continue playing it as long as the director Takashi Shimizu desired.

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