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When Reality is Scarier than Fiction – Lisa Left Eye Death Premonition


“I have premonitions, dreams… i think it’s the energy in the air…” – Lisa Nicole Lopes (The Last Days of Left Eye)

Lisa Nicole Lopes (born on May 27, 1971) better known by her stage name Left Eye, was an American musician, member of the R&B girl group TLC.
Lisa Lopes died in a car crash in 2002 while filming her own documentary, a film about her 30-day spiritual retreat in Honduras. The film footage translated into VH1’s “The Last Days of Left Eye”, the last scene of the documentary is the accident that took her life.


In her last days, Lisa reveals to her closest friends that she believes an evil spirit is following her, threatening her life.
During the course of filming the documentary, Lopes and a few friends were passengers in a vehicle driven by her assistant when a small boy ran out in front of the vehicle and was struck. The child died later that night. The little boy’s last name was “Lopes”. Lisa felt that the spirit who was trying to kill her had accidentally killed the boy by mistake. She and the boy also had the same shoe size, she said.


Days later, while driving from the village in which they were staying, Lisa Nicole Lopes lost control of the car and was the only person of the seven passengers that did not survive.


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  2. Mike "G"

    Left Eye, bless her soul, was a beautiful person who spoke the truth, put herself out there as herself with the fullest of confidence. Creative and always interesting and inspiring, she no doubt touched the lives of many including myself and she is sorely missed! I hope she can re-create herself as she always believed was possible. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH…


  3. Greeneyes

    What I find strange is it looks like a spirit jumped inside her! Look at when she blinks and looks like she snapped out of something and that glare looking right at the camera! She was dabbling in stuff she shouldn’t have. Freaky. God love her.


    • Eric

      I believe far too many young people are just raised like chickens in a barnyard. There is not true spiritual connection to God. They were sometimes just some people’s good time for the night and the woman got pregnant.


    • Tanisha

      Yes as you watch as there riding it’s like something took over her an no one was wearing seatbelts,she also seemed like she wasn’t herself


  4. Tina

    I don’t believe she was deliving into things she shouldn’t had. She was becoming a more spirtual person who began living her life as a spirtual being. Just indigenous people have done for centuries (and still do to this day) way before “man” distinguished written indoctrination of what is considered religion or the belief of a heaven and hell. I truly don’t believe she deliberately channeled evil into her life causing her own death. Someone else did!


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