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Geographic Tongues by Elisabeth Hogeman


Elisabeth Hogeman is the creator behind this fascinating and somewhat repulsive photograph series made up of real cow tongues. They are meant as a reinterpretation of the exterior panels of the original altarpiece in Hieronymus Bosch’s, The Garden of Earthly Delights. 


“These photographs re-imagine the Earth depicted in the exterior panels of Hieronymus Bosch’s panel painting The Garden of Earthly Delights as a series of ‘geographic tongues.’ By replacing the globe as a representation of the world, these tongues play with the idea that the world emerges from language.”


“Bosch’s depiction of the creation of the world includes an inscription taken from the Psalms—“For He spoke and it was made; for He commanded and it was created.”* Through this inscription Bosch insinuates that the world is one big utterance. Being severed, these tongues cannot speak. But in their vegetative state, they yield their own geographies.” (via


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