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Joshua Hoffine the Horror Photographer


Joshua Hoffine was born in Emporia Kansas in 1973. He graduated from high school in Kansas City in 1991, and earned a B.A. in English Literature from Kansas State University in 1995. Shortly after graduation, Hoffine began making photographs. He studied with commercial photographer Nick Vedros and later worked as a photo-assistant at Hallmark Cards before embarking on his own as a freelance photographer.


“My role as a Horror photographer is to show people what they don’t want to see. I have been working on my Horror photography project for nearly 10 years. I have come to believe that all Horror refers to the same idea: there are forces of chaos and destruction in the world that can threaten us at any point, and we are powerless (or nearly powerless) to prevent or control these threats. All monsters, all movie slashers, etc. metaphorically and symbolically represent this ubiquitous threat to our lives, health, and happiness. The monster’s form may change, but his ultimate meaning does not.”


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