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Twilight Zone Exhibit


A new Twilight Zone exhibit that houses original props from the classic anthology series has opened-up this week at the Bundy Museum of History and Art in Binghamton, New York. All the Twilight Zone/Serling memorabilia was collected by volunteer curator Mike Pipher over the course of 40 years.


“We’re a hands-on museum. If they want to see the Twilight Zone board game, $600 rare piece, we’ll pull it out and let them play the game. If they want to handle the props from the Twilight Zone, they can hold the cobra phone, or the old Ironsides bookends and feel them and read the note from the set designer,” Pipher told the local news station in Binghamton.
The exhibit will be on display for six months.

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of the Shining Horizon and commented:
    When I first saw the title, I was all excited, thinking that there was an exhibit somewhere down here in the City – the Museum of the Moving Picture, maybe.

    Oh, well. Both Red Molly and I have family in that general area-ish. Maybe when we’re up for a visit, we can swing down to take a look. Meanwhile, I know one of our family members who reads this blog who would also be interested in this. Keving, get thee thence!


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