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Behind the Monster – Tom Woodruff Jr. (Pumpkinhead)

Tom Woodruff Jr.

Tom Woodruff Jr. (born January 21, 1959) is an American special effects artist and actor who portrayed the creature from the supernatural cult horror film, “Pumpkinhead” and also the Alien monster in the 1992 film “Alien 3” and also “Alien Resurrection”.


Woodruff was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1959. Tom’s early interest in movies and monsters was a result of late-night broadcasts of the now classic Universal monster movies and the stop-motion effects of Ray Harryhausen. Finally, seeing one of the PLANET OF THE APES films in a theater focused his attention on the craft of make-up, while getting his hands on his father’s 8mm home movie camera at 13 years old simultaneously encouraged his interest in filmmaking.
Woodruff has won an Academy Award for Visual Effects (for Death Becomes Her) and a BAFTA. For his work on Alien3, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects, a BAFTA and a Saturn Award.

Pumpkinhead – The “Making of”

Pumpkinhead – Movie Trailer

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