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Santa Clause People2

Walt Gray, a middle aged alcoholic, mall Santa, decides to quit his job. But nothing is as easy as it seems at his workplace, and the repercussions of his decision will set him against the rage of an ancient brotherhood that has been working for centuries to keep up appearances for “The Master”.

Santa Clause People

(…)    When he stepped off the bus his victorious demeanor had gone. Though he had escaped the madness of the mall, many questions still lingered. This didn’t seem like a group of people who would just stop. He organized a strategy. That was why he had left the bus three stops earlier than normal.
        In the cool air, something sinister lurked. The damp leaves, that somehow had escaped the blanket of snow, drifted about in the breeze.  The shadows that the buildings cast reminded him of his childhood fear of the dark. He reluctantly headed towards home. God, he thought, I hope I have Jack. (…)

In DARK CORNER – SHORT HORROR STORIES VOL. 2, you will unveil a terrifying and inventive anthology of five previously unpublished horror stories about witchcraft and the occult.
Five horror authors will delve into the bizarre and the macabre, bringing to you a terror-inducing fiction collection.

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