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Mother Hungry2


Avery’s life revolves around his mother illness and his inability to save her. One night he decides to try the services of a “witch for hire” he saw on an ad. A healing spell is given to him , but the outcome turns out to be far from what he expected…

Mother Hungry

(…)  “Mr. Lindquist?” said the tiny voice. “Mr. Lindquist listen to me.”
Avery’s hand shook as he held the speaker to his ear. How did the witch know his name?
“Listen to me very carefully. I know that you need my help, but you’re afraid. It’s understandable. The question is, can you afford to wait a moment longer?”
“I-It’s my mother,” Avery stammered. “She’s lays in bed all day. She’s lost interest in her dolls. She doesn’t eat. S-She’s…”
“She’s dying isn’t she, Mr. Lindquist?”
 “We can summon a powerful spirit to purge the illness from her body. We’ll get her out of that bed and engrossed in her dolls and eating like a lumberjack.”
“An ancient incantation. Spoken three times over your mother when she’s in repose.”(…)

In DARK CORNER – SHORT HORROR STORIES VOL. 2, you will unveil a terrifying and inventive anthology of five previously unpublished horror stories about witchcraft and the occult.
Five horror authors will delve into the bizarre and the macabre, bringing to you a terror-inducing fiction collection.

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