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Zombie Tarot Deck


“Quirk Books asked us to develop a zombie-themed tarot card deck. Rather than take a more typical overly-bloody horror approach, we conceptualized the project as a crazy, campy, late 50’s/early 60’s retro interpretation of a classic tarot deck. As B-Movie fanatics, we wanted to capture the off-beat zaniness those old movies have. We tried to bring a touch of wit and subtlety to the project, as well as a morbid sense of humor.” 

“The package design immediately clues the consumer in as to the vintage approach taken with the subject. The box lid lifts off to reveal a box of bullets, as this deck promises to provide “insight and ammunition for surviving the undead uprising.” The inside of the box is lined with a black flocked tray to keep the cards safe and from rattling around.
Included in the package is a 78 card deck and a 96 page instruction book. Every card is illustrated, and the book explains the meaning behind each card, as well as providing various card layouts and how to interpret them.


We developed the card image concepts, designed the package and booklet, and painstakingly illustrated all 78 cards by collaging together thousands of small pieces of vintage materials to create the imagery.
Published By: Quirk Books
Designed By: Headcase Design
Designers / Illustrators: Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni



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